Product Care

Every piece of jewellery from Wicked Willie's Jewellery is unique and checked for quality  before it leaves our store.  With proper care your jewellery pieces will retain their beauty and character for generations to come.  Below are some care guidelines to help you keep your jewellery sparkling and in good condition.

Silver:  As with most precious metals, in time silver will oxidize.  Properly maintained silver actually improves with age and it develops a good patina when treated well.  Occasionally wiping your silver pieces with a silver polishing cloth (available to purchase on this website) will keep them bright and shiny.  Delicate pieces may be cleaned in soapy water using a toothbrush and rinsed in clean water.

Gemstones:  When you are not wearing it the best place to keep your jewellery is in the box or pouch supplied with your purchase.  This will protect the jewellery from being scratched, and from scratching other pieces.  Remove your jewels when swimming or gardening so you don't lose them or damage them on rough surfaces.

No Harsh Chemicals:  Salt water and harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach and detergents can damage - sometimes permanently - your special jewellery, erode any gold or rhodium plating and the polish of the gemstones leaving them dull.  Hairspray, perfume and perspiration can also cause dullness if not regularly cleaned off and it's best not to shower in your jewellery as even steam can have a detrimental effect.

Secure settings:Settings should be checked regularly as constant wear can cause damage to settings, particularly claw settings which can wear down over time or be caught on material causing them to bend.  Cracked and lost stones cannot be guaranteed.

Check the stringing:  Before putting on your beaded necklace or bracelet (including freshwater pearl necklaces and bracelets strung with tiger tail beading wire) check that the stringing is secure.  It is ideal to clean and restring your piece regularly.  Pearls can be gently wiped with a damp cloth if necessary.

Wicked Willie's Jewellery uses the highest quality tiger tail beading wire and we guarantee the stringing of our necklaces and bracelets for one year from purchase date, excluding any bracelets strung on elastic which are guaranteed for 3 months only from purchase date.  We do however offer a free re-stringing service provided all the beads or pearls and original findings are returned to us with the only cost to the customer being the return postage.  Any replacement beads, pearls or findings will be charged at the store price.