Mabe Pearl Jewellery

Mabe pearls, also known as blister pearls, are half-pearls that are cultivated on the inside of a mollusk's shell.  A small nucleus, usually made out of mother of pearl, is attached to the shell of the mollusk and left to accumulate nacre over 2 - 3 years.

Once the pearls are ready for harvest they are cut out of the shell and the nucleus is removed, leaving a hollow pearl.  The pearl is then filled with a colourless resin to reinforce the pearl's structure and sealed with a mother-of-pearl backing to close everything up.

Mabe Pearls are commonly hemispherical, or round dome shaped, however they also come in shapes such as tear drops and heart shapes.  They are generally 10 - 13mm in diameter and  produced in many colours depending on the type of mollusc the pearl is grown in with pink, champagne and gold hues being the rarest.

Wicked Willie's Jewellery has a small collection of Mabe Pearl Jewellery due to scarcity of wholesalers stocking the pearls.

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