"Special Concept" Pearl Collection

Pearls are some of the most unique and interesting gems on the market.  This collection features Biwa Pearls which are unusually shaped cultured pearls that come from the freshwater mussels found in Lake Biwa, a large lake located near Kyoto, Japan.  They have been produced since the 1930's when Kokichi Mikimoto experimented with seeding the freshwater mussels of Lake Biwa using only soft mantle tissue which resulted in an all-nacre pearl with an unusual shape and nice lustre.  Biwa's quickly set the standard for quality for freshwater pearls and and the production of these unique gems remained strong until progress brought other industries to the shores of Lake Biwa and resulted in pollution.  Overfishing has also affected production so that today, genuine Lake Biwa pearls are quite rare.

"Special Concept" is a design company incorporating these rare and beautiful Biwa pearls into a modern and beautifully designed jewellery range.  Every piece has been handmade with the best sterling silver that is highly polished without rhodium plating.

Please enjoy our very special Biwa Pearl Collection which is limited in numbers.  If a piece you are interested has sold out please contact us  to make a special order.

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