Edison "Explosion" Baroque Pearl Jewellery

Edison Baroque Freshwater Pearls are a relatively new pearl on the market.  Traditionally Freshwater pearls have always been what the industry terms "tissue-nucleated" .  This forms a solid nacre pearl.  Pearl farmers in China were keen to experiment on producing much  larger pearls that they could harvest in 3 years instead of the 8 years plus needed to grow a large freshwater pearl the traditional way. 

The Edison Pearls have been bead nucleated with a large mother of pearl bead and the result has been what we at Wicked Willie's Jewellery have nicknamed "Explosion" pearls as the baroque shapes produced look a little like the pearl has exploded beyond the confines of it's seed!

They are grown in what the pearl farmers call a Triangle Mussel because of it's shape.  Only one large bead is introduced to each mussel which is harvested after about 3 years.  The nacre is 2mm to 3.5mm and the natural colours are light/deep peach, pink colour, metallic gold, metallic pink, white, silver, some even can be a strong grey.  Black Edison pearls however have been dyed.  They can range in size from 10 - 18mm with the majority produced measuring 12 - 15mm.

At Wicked Willie's Jewellery we stock a variety of Edison Pearl necklaces, pendants and earrings.  Please enjoy browsing our range and don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

PS:  They are called Edison Pearls because of a famous quote by Thomas Edison - "there are two things which couldn't be made in my labratory - diamonds and pearls".